А two-day celebration to mark the “birthday of Shukhov Tower” was held in Moscow on March 19 and 20. The tower, located in the Shabolovka district of Moscow, was designed by the great Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov. Once known as the Comintern Tower, it is now most commonly known as the Shukhov Tower. The organizers of the event selected March 19 to commemorate the date that the first signal was transmitted from the tower, 94 years ago, on March 19th, 1922, even though the tower...

11:06 05 April 2016


16:25 09 March 2016

Members of the Russian branch of DOCOMOMO (International committee for documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighborhoods of the modern movement) with concern and close attention are following the situation around the...

16:15 01 September 2014

Весть о демонтаже (читай – распиле) Шуховской башни стремительно облетела многие страны. Профессиональное сообщество (выдающиеся архитекторы, инженеры, реставраторы) почти...

13:41 26 March 2014

Statement by the World Monuments Fund

February 28, 2014

Since 1998, with the listing of the Rusakov Club in Moscow on its second World Monuments Watch, World Monuments Fund has expressed deep concern over the precarious state of many of Russia's modernist architectural heritage. WMF has sounded the alarm over the Narkomfin building for over a decade. It was listed three successive times on the world Monuments Watch list: 2002, 2004, and 2006. The fate of Melnikov’s House and S...

08:17 09 March 2014

Архитекторы, музейные работники, исследователи всего мира подписали новое письмо в защиту знаменитого дома-мастерской К. С. Мельникова.

Среди подписавших Фредерик Старр, автор первой монографии о Мельникове, знаменитый исследователь и популяризатор модернизма Жан-Луи Коэн, архиекторы Арата Исодзаки, Бернар Чуми, Рем Кулхаас, Стивен Холл, Алваро Сиза и др.


Iveta ?ern? | Director Villa Tugendhat, Brno Czech Republic

Jean?Louis Cohen | Professor New York University,...

13:51 28 March 2013

Lissitzky's building in Moscow, the Zhurgaz apartment house, and their typical story.

The printing house of the joint stock company "Ogonek", which issued the famous eponymous journal, has recently been identified as Lissitzky'...

01:00 11 April 2012

Moscow February 13, 2012

To: Mayor of Moscow

Mr. S. Sobyanin


Dear Sergey Semyonovich,

On February 10, 2012 fa?ade walls demolition of cultural heritage building of regional significance DINAMO Stadium got underway (Leningrandsky Prospect, 36). There is no need to prove the value of the building which was constructed in two stages in 1927-1936 upon the project of L.Cherikover and A.Langman. It was done in 1987 when the Stadium was placed under special prote...

09:51 28 February 2012